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15 Best Dragon Ball Z Characters, Ranked



  • Majin Buu is a complex character with multiple personalities and impressive power that make him an all-time great in Dragon Ball Z.
  • Mr. Satan’s evolution from a braggart to a better man through his friendship with Majin Buu showcases Dragon Ball Z’s character development.
  • Videl’s active role, strong will, and fierce personality make her a great match for Gohan, earning her a spot among Dragon Ball Z’s best characters.

Besides the exhilarating fights, legendary transformations, and great plot, Dragon Ball Z‘s best characters rank among the greatest in anime history. The series’ cast is so iconic that even relatively minor characters have devoted fanbases. While some of that interest is due to how powerful and cool Dragon Ball Z’s characters are, a lot of appeal also lies in their development and characterization.

Though Dragon Ball Z might not have a reputation as the deepest anime, part of the series’ draw has always been watching its characters grow and change over time. Far from static characters who just exist to throw a few punches or energy blasts, Dragon Ball Z’s heroes and villains show real development over the course of the series. Almost all of Dragon Ball Z’s best characters rank so highly among fans because of their personal growth and interesting characterization.

15 Majin Buu Was Dragon Ball’s Final Villain For Good Reason

Debuted In Chapter 460 Of Dragon Ball

Majin Buu is the final villain Goku and his friends face in Dragon Ball Z, and though he isn’t as fondly remembered as Frieza or Cell, he’s still a great character in his own right. Part of what makes Buu great is how multifaceted he is. While multiple forms were an important element of the series by the time Buu showed up, Buu took the concept to another level by having multiple different personalities.

Ultimately, Evil Buu’s power is impressive and he manages to accomplish something few other villains could when he kills most of humanity with one of Dragon Ball’s most powerful attacks. Regardless of how fans feel about him, his raw strength and interesting powerset cemented Majin Buu as an all-time great Dragon Ball character.

14 Mr. Satan Easily Ranks Among Dragon Ball’s Goofiest Heroes

Debuted In Chapter 393 Of Dragon Ball

Given Akira Toriyama’s history with gag manga, it’s no surprise that one of Dragon Ball’s best characters would also be one of the most hilarious. Mr. Satan (or Hercule as he’s known in the English dub) is a total braggart who gets all the credit for stopping Cell. Though Mr. Satan’s antics during the Cell Games arc lead to some of the funniest moments in Dragon Ball history,it is his role in the Majin Buu arc that truly made him a memorable character.

Mr. Satan starts out as a fairly morally questionable person, but eventually, his friendship with Majin Buu and their dog Bee makes a better man out of him. Funny and ending up with a good heart, Mr. Satan is a perfect example of what makes Dragon Ball so special.

13 Yamcha Is Incredibly Memorable Despite His Little Screen Time

Debuted In Chapter 7 Of Dragon Ball

Though Yamcha generally doesn’t have much plot relevance in Dragon Ball Z, he is still an incredibly memorable character who often represents the very real threat posed to humans by the series’ biggest villains. Though Yamcha has special abilities and can fly just like most of the cast, he is the best symbol of a normal person among the series’ cast of fighters. Unfortunately, this infamously leads to Yamcha either dying or coming very close to it at several points.

Still, despite his poor battle record and his deaths, Yamcha’s outgoing personality and general affability makes him an essential part of Dragon Ball Z.

12 Videl Is a Small Character With a Big Impact

Debuted In Chapter 421 Of Dragon Ball

Though Videl is most famous for being Gohan’s love interest and Pan’s mother, she’s also a competent fighter in her own right. Much like many of the franchise’s women, Videl’s strong will and fierce personality make her a great match for the more calm and reserved Gohan.

One thing that sets Videl apart from many other supporting characters in Dragon Ball is that she takes a far more active role. Videl actually discovers Gohan’s secret identity as the Great Saiyaman (not that it was too difficult) and gets training from him. Videl develops incredibly fast, learning to fly with relative ease. Though fans are quick to assume that Gohan being Pan’s father is why she is such a strong Sayian, it’s clear that Videl is no slouch either. Given all this, it’s only right that Videl earns a spot among Dragon Ball Z’s best characters.

11 Master Roshi Is The Series’ Most Important Mentor

Debuted In Chapter 3 Of Dragon Ball

Much like Yamcha before him, Roshi is another character from classic Dragon Ball who wasn’t nearly as relevant in the series’ second part as he was in the first. Still though, as the mentor of Goku and Krillin, Roshi still has a place during Z. Despite some of the most common recurring Roshi gags throughout Dragon Ball not aging particularly well, Roshi’s quirky personality combined with his serious power make him a fan-favorite character for good reason. It could even be argued that Roshi represents Dragon Ball’s themes better than Goku, making a natural inclusion among the series’ best characters.

10 Krillin is Earth’s Strongest Human

Debuted In Chapter 25 Of Dragon Ball

Krillin is possibly the most courageous character in Dragon Ball Z. He is a human and yet still accompanies the Z-Fighters on dangerous journeys to fight against powerful enemies. Krillin ranks as Dragon Ball Z’s strongest human, as he has trained alongside Goku and was even once his rival. His character design is instantly recognizable with how much personality it conveys. Despite being one of the weaker members of the Z-Fighters at the end of the series, Krillin’s impact is monumental. Besides being a great warrior, he is also a family man, and that stuck with many fans.

9 Android 18 is Dragon Ball’s Strongest Woman

Debuted In Chapter 349 Of Dragon Ball

Android 18 is yet another villain turned hero. She, along with Android 17, served as the main villain in Dragon Ball Z’s much beloved Android Saga. Created by Dr. Gero, she is powerful enough to push even battle-hardened fighters like Vegeta to their absolute limit.

Much like many other Dagon Ball Z characters though, Android 18 is more than just her fighting capabilities. According to Future Trunks, she and her brother Android 17 should have been evil, but that was far from the case. After ending her days as a villain, she married Krillin and had a child with him. Although a powerful ally of the Z-Fighters and was willing to help whenever she was needed, she spent most of her days at the Kame house raising her child.

8 Future Trunks is Dragon Ball’s Coolest Character

Debuted In Chapter 329 Of Dragon Ball

Although the present version of Trunks is lovable, cute, and awesome, Future Trunks undeniably wins out on coolness alone. He is a great addition to the cast and was pivotal in the Cell Saga during the fight against the Androids. Without him going back in time and preventing Goku’s death, humanity would have been all but wiped out. Although his many appearances were all amazing, fans remember him for easily killing Frieza, someone Goku and Vegeta struggled to beat.

Trunks was such a memorable character that Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, decided to bring him back into the story again in Dragon Ball Super. More than just cool, though, Future Trunks’ story is one of overcoming tragedy to try and fix a broken world.

7 Perfect Cell is Earth’s Most Powerful Android

Debuted In Chapter 360 Of Dragon Ball

Although Cell was a great villain in his imperfect forms, his perfect form cemented him as one of Dragon Ball Z’s best characters. He is another creation of Dr. Gero, and by far his most powerful. Created from the cells of all the strongest warriors such as Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, and Frieza, he was made to fulfill Gero’s grudge against Goku.

Cell’s arrogance and ego are a selling point, as his strength can more than back it up. 4 Super Saiyans were no match for him, but he met his end when Gohan awakened his Super Saiyan 2 form. Cell ranks among the best villains in anime history, which is why it’s so surprising that he isn’t even ranked as Dragon Ball Z’s best villain.

6 Piccolo is The Most Powerful Namekian

Debuted In Chapter 161 Of Dragon Ball

Like many other characters in Dragon Ball Z, the quiet and reserved Namekian started off as an enemy before changing his villainous tendencies. Piccolo’s impact on the anime can’t be overstated. He fought alongside Goku against the invading Raditz, and Gohan would never be as strong as he is without Piccolo’s guiding hand.

He was there on every occasion the world was in danger, and Goten and Trunks were able to fuse because of his tutelage. Although an important member of the Z-Fighters, teaching is where Piccolo truly shines. There’s a good reason Piccolo is Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama’s favorite character.

5 Frieza is Dragon Ball’s Ultimate Villain

Debuted In Chapter 247 Of Dragon Ball

Frieza’s name alone sends shivers down the spines of many across the galaxy. A conqueror, he goes from one planet to another and destroys them. He was the one who destroyed Planet Vegeta and drove the Saiyans to near extinction, essentially setting the events of the series in motion. What makes Frieza an awesome character and an even better villain is his conceited and arrogant nature.

Frieza was brought up being feared and revered as the strongest, but when he encountered Goku and the Z-Fighters, he was shown that there are others who are even stronger. This led to him becoming more powerful, and thus giving fans some amazing fights. Despite how slimy he is, Frieza ranks among Dragon Ball Z’s most entertaining characters due to his sheer commitment to being pure evil.

4 Bulma is Dragon Ball’s Best Female Character

Debuted In Chapter 1 Of Dragon Ball

Bulma is the only Dragon Ball character other than Goku who has been there since the DragonBall franchise’s very first chapter. She is one of the most important characters in the whole series, despite not being a fighter. She would have been more popular, but the anime revolves around action and aliens, and she is a regular human. Bulma’s creations aided the Z-fighters on many occasions, with her greatest contribution being the iconic Dragon Radar. When someone dies, she can use her radar to find the Dragon Balls and wish for them to be reincarnated. She later on got married to Vegeta, and their relationship is one of the most iconic in anime history.

3 Gohan is Dragon Ball’s Strongest Saiyan

Debuted In Chapter 196 Of Dragon Ball

Gohan is perhaps the most gifted character in Dragon Ball. This was made evident after he became the first Dragon Ball Z character to ever achieve the ridiculously powerful Super Saiyan 2 form. His character development is easily one of the best in the series, as he went from a timid young boy in the Saiyan Saga to a dependable and powerful fighter in the Cell Saga.

Even setting aside his power though, Gohan is defined by a compassion so great that it even extended to the androids before few others considered them anything other than pure evil. In fact, the death of Android 16 was the trigger to unlocking Super Saiyan 2. Although Gohan’s potential had no limits, he decided to focus less on fighting and more on his personal life. He went to school, got married, and had a child. It was heartbreaking to see a fan favorite stop fighting, but this brought some normalcy to an outrageous show.

Fans wanting more of Gohan and Piccolo’s iconic friendship should watch
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

2 Vegeta is Dragon Ball’s Best Reformed Villain

Debuted In Chapter 204 Of Dragon Ball

Known as the Prince of Saiyans, Vegeta started out as a cold-blooded villain at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z but transitioned to a good guy and joined the Z-Fighters. He was there every time planet Earth fell under peril, even if he was the one invading it at first. Vegeta’s redemption arc is so good that it basically created an entire character archetype, as he went from an evil and prideful warrior to a family man who would give anything to protect those he cares about. What makes Vegeta a great character is that he never lets Goku (or anyone else) outdo him. If he sees someone strong, he aims to be stronger. Vegeta’s best moment is still when he sacrificed his life in the Majin Buu saga, making his already popular character even more popular.

1 Goku is Dragon Ball’s Best Character

Debuted In Chapter 1 Of Dragon Ball

The main character of the franchise takes the number one spot as Dragon Ball’s best character. Goku is one of the best characters in anime history and his fun personality that changes to serious at the drop of a hat is a big part of why. Although he is the protagonist, he never hesitates to let others get their time to shine, most notably in the fight between Gohan and Cell. He easily ranks among the strongest anime characters. Although he has imperfections like any other character, those ultimately make him all the more endearing. He might be too hungry for a good fight, but that’s a legitimate character flaw that only makes him a more developed and well-rounded hero.

Dragon Ball Z has no shortage of amazing characters. From the multi-personality Majin Buu to the quiet but cool Android 17, Dragon Ball Z has cemented itself as an anime with some of the best side characters. The timeless series will be enjoyed by future generations, mainly because it is more than just a battle anime. The series has some complex characters and invokes deep emotions from the various personalities and backstories. There is no wrong and right when it comes to selecting Dragon Ball Z’s best character, which is part of what makes the franchise so beloved.

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